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The Kuppuswami Sastri Research Institute provides ample opportunities for scholars who are interested in higher studies.

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अनुव्रतानां शिष्याणां पुत्राणां च द्विजोत्तम |
अनापृष्टमपि ब्रूयुर्गुरवो दीनवत्सलाः॥
O Blessed among Brähmaëas, spiritual masters are very kind to the needy people, to their disciples, and to their sons, and ascribes all that is knowledge to them, without being asked.

Scholars Gateway

KSRI has always been a centre for Research in Sanskrit and Indology. These activities are carried out through in-house Scholars and a society of associated Scholars. KSRI has associations with renowned doyens in these areas, who regularly visit KSRI and are invited frequently for lectures and discussion forums.

Much research work is also carried out by doctorial students and project investigators to whom KSRI acts as a Scholars Gateway.

KSRI has published books and articles based on these research projects; in respective chapters, the research work completed, on-going and also project ideas are listed. KSRI welcomes any organization interested in sponsoring any of the project ideas listed and also individuals who would like to pursue such specific projects.


KSRI all the time pursues special projects in its core areas, through research scholars, students and independently tough its associates. There are all time projects being pursued and projects on the anvil. There are also project ideas which can be discussed and formalized by sponsors and scholars. KSRI invites all interested persons and organizations to join together with its scholars and pursue the passion. Below are the information on Scholars' Gateway, Special projects and studies and projects for discussions.

List of Modern Scholars

The Kuppuswami Sastri Research Institute provides ample opportunities for scholars who are interested in higher studies.

(Affiliated to the University of Madras)
Under the Supervision of
Dr. V. Yamuna Devi


Manju Ramayanam - A study

(Affiliated to the University of Madras)
Under the Supervision of
Dr. V. Kameswari

Ms. Preethi Mahesh

Chennai in Sanskrit Literature - Awaiting Viva

Ms.N. Bhuvanesawri

Critical Study of the play Prasanna Raghava of Jayadeva - Submitted Synopsis

Ms.Goda Devi

Kasyapa Samhita- text on Vishacikitsa: A Critical study- Submitted synopsis


Surya in Sanskrit Literature - A scientific approach

Under the Supervision of
Dr. K.S.Balasubramanian


Contribution of Sridhara and Sripati to Indian Mathematics - Viva Awaited

Under the Supervision of
Dr. T.V.Vasudeva

Mr. S. Balakrishnan

Vrttaratnasangraha of Raghunatha


Critical analysis of Adbhuta Darpana

Under the Supervision of
Dr. V. Yamuna Devi

Mr.P.S. Chandrasekharan

Ganita Kaumudi

Ms. S. Madhurambika

Sahendra Vilasa

Ms. Vijayalakshmi Mani

Ganita - Sredhi Vyavahara, Progression in Ancient Indian Mathematics

Ms. Lavanya V Eswar

Advaitic principles in Yoga vasishtha

Dr. Sita Sundar Ram teaching  Ancient Indian Mathematics

Dr. Yamuna Devi, Asst. Prof. taking classes for M.Phil Scholars

Newsfeed Dainandini
अनागतमतीतंचवर्तमानमतीन्द्रियम्। विप्रकृष्टंव्यवहितंसम्यक्पश्यन्तियोगिनः॥ Mystic Yogis have the ability clearly perceive the past, present and the future. They have the capacity to look beyond the purview of the senses, even though remote or blocked by physical obstacles. (Ç.B.X.61.21)




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