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सत्यधर्मरताः सन्तः सर्वलिङ्गविवर्जिताः।
धर्मलब्धार्थभोक्तारस्ते नराः स्वर्गगामिनः॥
Those persons who are devoted to the religion of truth, who are righteous and destitute of the indications of the several modes of life, and who enjoy the wealth acquired by fair means , succeeds in ascending to Heaven.

KSRI Governing Body Members

Dr. R.K. Raghavan

(Former Director, Central Bureau of Investigation, New Delhi and Former High commissioner of India to the Republic of Cyprus)

Vice President
Sri R. Kalidas
Justice Mrs. Prabha Sridevan
Dr.Sita Sundar Ram
Dr. V. Kameswari
Dr. R. Mahadevan
Sri D. Suresh
Sri S. Srinivasan
Dr. E.R. Rama Bai
Dr. R. Krishnamurthy Sastrigal
Sri Y. Chandrasekhar
Dr. K.S.Balasubramanian
Sri Srinath Sridevan
Newsfeed Dainandini
अण्वप्युपाहृतं भक्तैः प्रेम्णा भूर्येव मे भवेत्।
भूर्यप्यभक्तोपहृतं न मे तोषाय कल्पते॥
I am very pleased with the smallest gift offered to me with love by a devotee. On the contrary, I am not pleased even when a magnificent gift offered to me by a non- devotee. (Srīmad Bhāgavatam.X.81.3)




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