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उद्योगिनं पुरुषसिंहमुपैति लक्ष्मीः
दैवं हि दैन्यमिति कापुरुषाः वदन्ति।
दैवं निहत्य कुरु पौरुषमात्म शक्त्या
यत्ने कृते यदि न सिध्यति कोऽत्र दोषः॥
Wealth always reaches only those lion-like people who persistently keep trying and continuously toil. But some people consider poverty and misery as fate. One can overcome fate through continuous efforts. Even after trying hard, if one does not succeed, one should find out where the fault lies.

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KSRI is an enabler of research for Indian and foreign scholars in their Doctorate pursuits.

Dr. T. V. Vasudeva, Deputy Director of KSRI gave a lecture and chaired a session at the International Seminar on "Tantric Religion: Philosophy, Literature, Cults, Arts, History & Continuities" on 25t
The Department of History, School of Social Sciences & International Studies, Pondicherry University, Puducherry, organized an international seminar on "Tantric Religion: Philosophy, Literature, Cults, Arts, History, and Continuities" . Dr. T.V.V. Vasudeva, the Deputy Director of KSRI, chaired Session 5: Tantric, Cults, Traditions, and Practices and delivered a lecture on 'Tantric aspects in Vedic rituals' on September 26, 2023. This event has been sponsored by the Shripuram Trust, Kerala, the Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advanced Research in Puducherry, and the Ministry of Culture.
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Newsfeed Dainandini
अनागतमतीतं च वर्तमानमतीन्द्रियम्।
विप्रकृष्टं व्यवहितं सम्यक्पश्यन्ति योगिनः॥
Mystic Yogis have the ability to clearly perceive the past, present and the future. They have the capacity to look beyond the purview of the senses, even though remote or blocked by physical obstacles. (Srīmad Bhāgavatam X.61.21)




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