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अजानता भवेत्कश्चिद् अपराधः कुतो यदि।
क्षन्तव्यमेव तस्याहुः सुपरीक्ष्य परीक्षया॥
People who have analysed the problem well, declare that one has to forgive a person who has insulted without knowledge.

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Proceedings of the Annual Conference on the History and Development of Mathematics, has been published by National Mission for Manuscripts
The Samskrita Academy, Chennai in collaboration with the National Mission for Manuscripts (NMM) and the Mathematics Department of Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati Vishwa Mahavidyalaya, Enathur under the auspices of the Indian Society for History of Mathematics had organized the Annual Conference on The History and Development of Mathematics from November 27 to 29, 2018. The Proceedings of the conference has been published and brought out this May 2022. This book has been edited by Dr. Sita Sundar Ram, Secretary , The Samskrita Academy, Chennai and Dr. V. Ramakalyani, Project Consultant, HoMI Project, IIT, Gandhinagar & Member, The Samskrita Academy, Chennai. various National and International scholars as well as students from Mathematics Department of SCSVMV have contributed articles.
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Newsfeed Dainandini
न तथा तप्यते विद्धः पुमान्बाणैः सुमर्मगैः।
यथा तुदन्ति मर्मस्था ह्यसतां परुषेषवः ॥
Sharp arrows which pierce the chest and reaches one's heart do not have as much effect of suffering as the harsh and insulting words that reaches one's heart. (Srīmad Bhāgavatam.XI.23.3)




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