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KSRI pursues many projects in Sanskrit scriptures and writings as well as Indology, to pursue its research objectives.

Newsfeed Dainandini 10-11-21
अनुव्रतानां शिष्याणां पुत्राणां च द्विजोत्तम |
अनापृष्टमपि ब्रूयुर्गुरवो दीनवत्सलाः॥
O Blessed among Brähmaëas, spiritual masters are very kind to the needy people, to their disciples, and to their sons, and ascribes all that is knowledge to them, without being asked.
Svarodaya Science of Yoga

Yoga is one of the greatest contributions of India to the world. There are many branches of Yoga such as Karma, Jnana, Bhakti, Hatha, Laya, Mantra, and Kundalini. Svarodaya science of Yoga is very useful for the health of human being and also in predicting one's future. It is based on breathing pattern of each individual. Not many texts are available on this ancient science. The present project would help in knowing more about this forgotten branch of Yoga.

Evolution of Earth in Puranas

Puranas devote quite a sizeable portion of the texts for the description of earth and its evolution (sarga-pratisharga). Usually the technique adopted in giving even difficult concepts is by means of a story, symbolic representation or allegorical stories. The present project envisages to bring out such ancient knowledge on evolution of earth, climate changes, changes in earth surface due to passage of time, the concept of deluge (pralaya) etc. with the help of recently known scientific facts. An attempt will also be made to reconstruct the geological history of earth and divide it into geological ages based on Puranic information.

Cataloguing of Palm-Leaf Manuscripts

The KSRI has a well-maintained collection of hundreds of ancient palm-leaf and papers manuscript. However, for want of resources we have not been able to prepare a Descriptive Catalogue and also digitize the manuscripts. Once this is done and hosted on the web-site, scholars from across the globe can have easy access to them. The manuscripts are in different scripts like Grantha, Devanagari, Tigalari, Malayalam and Tamil. Some of them are of historical value too. We need at least one scholar well versed in deciphering the scripts and prepare a Descriptive Catalogue.

Architecture and Vastu

India's contribution to the field of architecture is unmatched. There are thousands of historical monuments / palaces/ temples which have withstood various challenges, both man-made and natural phenomena for hundreds of years. Mnasra is an ancient text, more than 1000 years old that treats architecture in various aspects.

Vaishnava Agamas

These are ancient original Sanskrit texts which give valuable information about temple architecture, rituals, installation of various deities, Yogic practices etc. These are still followed in many temples in India. The Institute possesses rare hand written copies of these two agama texts, each 300 pages long, with scribal errors which may have to be edited.

Research papers presented in Seminars and Conferences

The Institute has been organizing many seminars / conferences on various important themes of historical and practical value. The papers presented by leading scholars in these fields would be published in one volume which would be a source of useful information to scholars on religion, especially Vaishnavism.

Yoga Upanishads

There are 20 minor Upanishads dealing on various precepts and practices of Yoga. They have been collected and published as "Yoga Upanishads' by the Adyar Library Research Centre more than fifty years ago and separate translation in English has also been published. However there are many errors in the original texts and subsequently in the translation as well. KSRI published three such Yoga Upanishads with correct "readings' in original Sanskrit with Roman transliteration, English translation, and Notes. We would like to publish the rest of seventeen texts.


The institute has published many articles on various aspects of theory and practice of Buddhism in its Journal of Oriental Research from its inception.Some of them would be collected and presented as a separate book 'Some aspects of Buddhist Studies" by the Institute.


The book Saddarsanasamuccaya of Jinabhadrasuri has been prescribed as text in some Indian universities for the post-graduate degree in philosophy/Sanskrit. Unfortunately no English translation is available for this book. The Institute comes forward to help the students and scholars, especially in the field of Jainology by bringing out a readable English translation for this work.

Viracarita of Anantakavi

This is a Mahakavya which throws much light on the empire of Vikramaditya and Salivahanaera.This is being critically edited for the first time

Newsfeed Dainandini
अनागतमतीतंचवर्तमानमतीन्द्रियम्। विप्रकृष्टंव्यवहितंसम्यक्पश्यन्तियोगिनः॥ Mystic Yogis have the ability clearly perceive the past, present and the future. They have the capacity to look beyond the purview of the senses, even though remote or blocked by physical obstacles. (Ç.B.X.61.21)




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