KSRI Publications

KSRI has been publishing the Journal of Oriental Research periodically from its inception till date and it is internationally well known.

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उत्साह सम्पन्नमदीर्घसूत्रं
क्रिया विधिज्ञं व्यसनेष्वसक्तम्।
शूरं कृतज्ञं दृढसौहृदं च
लक्ष्मीः स्वयं याति निवास हेतोः॥
Goddess Lakṣmī or wealth is attracted to one who is endowed with enthusiasm; who does not procrastinate, who plans his actions and executes them as per the plan, who is not overwhelmed with offerings, who is valourous, never forgets the timely help rendered by others and who has loyal friends.

KSRI Publications

KSRI has been publishing the Journal of Oriental Research periodically from its inception till date and it is internationally well known.

List of Book Catalogue

Research Committee

A Committee is constituted to help the Institute in identifying the texts to be published and also in other matters related to the research work of the Institute. At present the following scholars are the members.

Dr.K. Srinivasan
Prof. R.Parthasarathy
Dr. Sita Sundar Ram
Dr.V.Yamuna Devi
Editorial Committee
Dr.V.Kameswari, Director
Dr.K.S.Balasubramanian, Deputy Director
Dr.T.V.Vasudeva, Deputy Director
Dr.V.Yamuna Devi, Asst. Professor
Dr.P.C.Muralidharan, Asst.Professor
Dr.V.Preethi, Asst. Professor

As a premier Institution in the field of research, KSRI has involved itself actively in the pursuit of excellence in its field of specialisation. In order to remain competitive and abreast of the requirement of Scholars, it is essential that the enhancement of Knowledge and Professional Expertise are maintained at a sufficiently higher level.

There is an imperative need for documentation and publishing the papers among the Peer Group to maintain the standards expected of the Institution. In this endeavour, KSRI had been and is actively involved in the field of publication.

The Journal of Oriental Research

Initiated by Professor S. Kuppuswami Sastri in 1927, the 'Journal of Oriental Research' is a reputed internationally acclaimed magazine covering various aspects involved in Sanskrit and Indological studies. The publication of this magazine was entrusted to the Institute from 1944. 91 Volumes of the journal have been published so far. The Journal, admittedly reputed for original research and scientific investigation, carries general, critical and research articles on diverse indological subjects. Some rare texts, critically edited and appear serially as supplementary to the original volumes later get published as independent books.


Books and Monographs are being published periodically as an endeavour to promote Sanskrit and Indological Studies. They cover a wide range of subjects which include Vedic Studies, Yoga, Literature, Language, Grammar, Philosophy, Religion, Mathematics, Astronomy, Astrology, Medical Science, Ayurveda, Arthasastra, Purva Mimamsa, Advaita, Nyaya, Vaishnavism, Saivism, Arts, Science, etc. Around 100 Books and Monographs including critical editions of hitherto unpublished manuscripts on different aspects of Sanskrit and Indology have also been published so far.

Milestones in KSRI Publication

Publications of the Institute have received wide acclaim and appreciation from scholars all over the world and have been reviewed in the National Dailies like "The Hindu", Academic Journals and other magazines in India and Abroad. KSRI takes pride in announcing the publication of the most ancient Tamil text on grammar "Tolkappiyam" with Roman transliteration and English translation. "Artha Sastra" of Kautilya, acclaimed as the best source of information on ancient Indian Polity and Economics was published for the first time with two lesser known commentaries. Publication of "Lectures on Patanjali's Mahabhashya" by Dr.P.S.Subrahmanya Sastri and "A critical study on Bija Pallava", a 16th Century Text on Algebra have received appreciation from around the world. It had been conducting Seminars, Conferences and Workshops which pave the way for sharing of knowledge and information, assimilation of ideas and expertise for preservation and upkeep of archives.

Publications for Sale

Gadyakarnamrta, an Historical Kavya, ed. With critical introduction by Dr.S.S.Janaki

Highways and Byways of Literary Criticism in Sanskrit by Prof.S.Kuppuswami Sastri

Compromises in the History of Advaitic Thought by Prof.S.Kuppuswami Sastri

Primer of Indian Logic by Prof.S.Kuppuswami Sastri (IV edition)

Tolkappiyam (Eluttu) with English Transliteration, translation and notes Prof.P.S.Subrahmanya Sastri (II Edition)

History of Grammatical Theories in Tamil by Prof.P.S.Subrahmanya Sastri (II Edition)

Tolkappiyam (Porul - Tamil Poetics) with English Transliteration, translation and notes by Prof.P.S.Subrahmanya Sastri (II Edition)

Astanga Nighantu (Medical Text) ed. By P.V.Sarma, Eng. and Tamil translation by Dr.K.S.Viswanatha Sarma

Mm.Kuppuswami Sastri Birth-centenary Commemoration volume Pt.I

Mm.Kuppuswami Sastri BIrth-centenary Commemoration volume Pt.II

The Concept of Beautiful in Sanskrit Literature by Dr.V.Raghavan

Karpuracarita Bhana ed. With Eng. Translation by Dr.S.S.Janaki

Samskrita Vayavaharah - Spoken Sanskrit, ed. Dr.S.S.Janaki (II Edition)

Umapati Sivam, His life and Contribution to Saivism, ed. Dr.S.S.Janaki

Eclipses in Hindu Life and Thought - a rationalistic analysis by Dr.S.Jayasree

Research in Sanskrit A classified Guide by Dr.K.V.Sarma

Manuscripts Collection of the Desamangalam Variyam by Dr.K.V.Sarma

Navamuktasatakam Transcomposition into Sanskrit and English verse from the Tamil classic Muttollayiram by Sri A.V.Subramanian

Palandumandana Prahasana, text with translation by Dr.S.S.Janaki

Samskrta Sahitya Itihasah (History of Sanskrit Literature) by R.S.Venkatarama Sastri

Bhasasastrapravesini (A Handbook of Comparative Philology) by R.S.Venkatarama Sastri

Sanskrit & Science ed. Dr.S.S.Janaki

Valmiki Ramayana (condensed in the poet's own words with Eng.Tr.)

The Mahabharata(condensed in the poet's own words with Eng.Tr.)

Srimad Bhagavata(condensed in the poet's own words with Eng.Tr.)

Women's Role in Kudiyattam by Sri L.S.Rajagopalan

Kudiyattam: Preliminaries & Performance by Sri L.S.Rajagopalan

Bhagavadgita Bibliography - I (Manuscripts) by Dr.C.S.Sundaram

Saiva Rituals and Philosophy ed. Dr.S.S.Janaki

Kalamukha and Pasupatha temples in Dharwar by Dr.Mrs.Vasundhara Filliozat

Ramabhadra Diksita and his works by Dr.A.Thiruvengadathan

Kavyalankara Sutra Vrtti of Vamana withEng. Trans. by Dr.K.K.Raja

Some Aspects of Sanskrit Drama and Dramaturgy by S.S.Janaki

Darsanopanisad, Text with Eng. Tr. by Dr. K.S. Balasubramanian and Dr. T.V.Vasudeva.

Advayatarakopanisat Text with Eng. Tr. by Dr. K.S. Balasubramanian and Dr. T.V.Vasudeva.

Srinandikesakasika of Upamanyu Text with Eng. Tr. by Dr. K.S. Balasubramanian and Dr. T.V.Vasudeva.

Bhagavadgita Bibliography - II (Edn. Trs. and Studies) by Dr. C.S. Sundaram

Vedas : Traditional and Modern Perspectives ed. Dr.V.Kameswari

Tattvanusandanam by Mahadevananda Saraswati - Critical edition and tr. With critical introduction - to be released in May 2008.

Samskrita and Sangita by Dr.S.S.Janaki

Sadratnamala of Sankara Varman (Astronomical text) ed. With English tr. By Dr.S.Madhavan

Sanketa Kosa - A Dictionary on Numerals - by Mar. 2009

Bija Pallava of Krsna Daivajna (Algebra in 16th Cent. India), a critical study by Dr.Sita Sundar Ram

Lectures on Patanjali's Mahabhasya by Prof.P.S.Subrahmanya Sastri, Vol.VII,VIII, IX, X & XI

Siva Linga Worship -Authentic documentary (in VCD) on Siva Linga worship to be performed daily the temples as prescribed in the Saiva Agamic texts. Running commentary available in English or Tamil.

Publications Out of Stock

Vibhramaviveka of Mandana Misra (Mimamsa Text)

Vinavasavadatta (an old Sanskrit drama)

Dhvanyaloka & Locana - Pt.I

The Kuppuswami Sastri Commemoration Volume

Kuppuswami Sastri Memorial Volume

Cintamanisaranika of Bodhisattva Dasabala

Sakkottai Inscriptions

Grahacaranibandhana (Astrology)

Bharata Sangraha

Arthasastra with Canakyatika

Vakyakarana (Astrology)

Arthasastra with the Tika of Bhiksuprabhamati

The Census of Astronomical Manuscripts in England.

Nalopakyana Sangraha (3 Editions)

Srivacanabhushana of Pillai Lokacharya

Pratima Nataka of Bhasa (Text & Translation)

Pratima Nataka Study guide

Siva Temple and Temple Rituals


Rajasekhara and his Kavyamimamsa

Mm.S.Kuppuswami Sastri

Samskrita Academy Publications

Tamraparni Mahatmya with Tamil translation by A.R. Ganapathi Sastri (bringing out the glory of the perennial river of Tamil Nadu in 6200 verses, divided into 64 chapters, comprising of 1700 pages in 2 parts).

₹ 2000

Gitamrtamahodadhi by (late) Brahmasri Viswanatha Sastri.

₹ 500

Rahasyatrayasara of Sri Vedanta Desika with English translation by Sri N. Raghunathan, I.A.S. (Former Chief Secretary of Maharashtra)

₹ 1000

Lectures on the Bhagavadgita (3 Vols. in 1set) by Swami Paramarthananda

₹ 600

Sankara and Shanmata

₹ 500


₹ 300

Srimad Valmiki Ramayana Sangraha

₹ 300

Culture and Creativity by K.Chandrasekharan

₹ 200

Golden Harvest by K.Chandrasekharan

₹ 200

Ramayana Peruraigal (Tamil)

₹ 150

Key to Antoine's Sanskrit Manual

₹ 100

The Mahabharata by Mastri Venkatesa Iyengar

₹ 100

Tagore A Master Spirit by K.Chandrasekharan

₹ 100

Tagore and Indian Literature by K.Chandrasekharan

₹ 50

Manche Sloka and Atmarama of Samartha Ramadasa

₹ 80

Jayanteya Gita, text with Eng. translation

₹ 80

Catussutri – A Study

₹ 75

Manasolla Stuti of Appayya Dikshitawith Eng. translation

₹ 60

Ramayana Triveni K.Chandrasekharan

₹ 60

An Approach to Indian Art

₹ 50

Pulavar Pottrum Punithar V.Krishnaswami Iyer By Mm.Dr.U.Ve. Swaminatha Iyer (Tamil)

₹ 40

Cosmology, God and the Indian Scriptures

₹ 40

Sri Karpakavalli Satakam

₹ 25

Physical Health and Mental Health by Swami Paramarthananda

₹ 120

Ramayana Diary

₹ 150

Lectures on the Ramayana by Rt.Hon'ble V.S.Srinivasa Sastri

₹ 200

Stories of Ancient India (Eng. Tr. of Selection form "Aryacharitam" Compiled by Sri V.Krishnaswami Iyer) by Dr.Sita Sundar Ram & Dr.V.Premalatha

₹ 200
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संनिकर्षोऽत्र मर्त्यानामनादरणकारणम् ।
गाङ्गं हित्वा यथान्याम्भस्तत्रत्यो याति शुद्धये ॥
In this world familiarity breeds contempt. For example, one who lives on the banks of the Ganges might travel to some other water body to be purified. (Srīmad Bhāgavatam.X.84.31)




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