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Chennai-based private, non-profit organization established in 1945 to conduct world-class research in Sanskrit literature and history, cultures, and religions of India

KSRI Library
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The Library is comprised of nearly 60,000 books and 1,500 Palmleaf Manuscripts on variety of Sanskrit and Indological subjects like Dance and Music, Epigraphy, Ethics, Law, Language and Literature, Philosophy and Ayurveda.

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एतदेव हि सच्छिष्यैः कर्तव्यं गुरुनिष्कृतम्।
यद्वै विशुद्धभावेन सर्वार्थात्मार्पणं गुरौ॥
The duty of all disciples is to repay their debt to the spiritual master by giving them wealth as well as surrender their life to them with a pure heart. (Śrīmad Bhāgavatam,10.80.42)

Founded in the fond memory of Mm. Prof. S. Kuppuswami Sastri

Founded in the fond memory of

Mm. Prof. S. Kuppuswami Sastri

KSRI Since 1945

Mm. Prof. S. Kuppuswami Sastri was a Sanskrit Scholar of repute in India during his time and had devoted his life time to study of Sanskrit and Indology. He was a Professor, Editor and Author in Sanskrit Language and of Sanskrit heritage in other languages. He was a well know literary figure of yesteryears in India and abroad after India.
KSRI was established in 1945 as a fitting tribute to him and his contributions to Sanskrit heritage and related Indology.

Vision & Mission

Kuppuswami Sastri Research Institute Vision and Mission

Vision Statement
We at KSRI


the knowledge of Sanskrit and related Indology

Preserve - in true sense of establishing - the vast heritage, wisdom and culture that the knowledge of Sanskrit and related Indology delivers to humanity;

Preserve - in True sense of institutionalizing - to ensure that the sphere of Sanskrit and Indology knowledge gets stronger and more enterenched with every passing day;

Preserve - in true sense of perpetuity - to pass on to future generations a robust, sound, modern and likerable knowledge base of Sanskrit and Indology; and enjoyable communication of the same;

Preserve - in true sense of consolidation - to make the world Sanskrit society larger.

Mission Statement
We at KSRI
in pursuit of our stated vision will strive to make the Institute a preferred centre of learning in India for Sanskrit language and related Indology.

We will strive to achieve this mission by being a competent centre for actively pursuing, promoting and facilitating in Sanskrit language and related Indology.

Original research


Publications and modern communication

Scholars gateway

Library and collection of precious manuscripts; encourage continuous and greater usage of the same

Teaching and Doctorate program support


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एकः प्रसूयते जन्तुरेक एव प्रलीयते।
एकोऽनुभुङ्क्ते सुकृतमेक एव च दुष्कृतम् ॥
Every creature in this world is born alone and dies alone. Alone, he experiences the fair reward for his good and bad deeds. (Śrīmad Bhāgavatam, 10.49.21)
KSRI Library

The Library is comprised of nearly 60,000 books authored by great and popular writers on variety of Sanskrit and Indological subjects.

Library Online

Presently KSRI has started its Phase 1 of digitizing all rare Palm Scripts in its collection.

An urgent need was felt to protect the Old and Rare Books
Become a sponsor or volunteer for digitization

KSRI Events

KSRI organises many events periodically from its inception till date

Upcoming Seminars Endowment Lectures Workshop Viva All

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उद्यतस्य हि कामस्य प्रतिवादो न शस्यते।
अपि निर्मुक्तसङ्गस्य कामरक्तस्य किं पुनः॥
To deny an offering that has come your way by itself, is not commendable even for a person who is absolutely free from the attachements of sensual pleasures, much less than one who is addicted to sensual pleasures. (Śrīmad Bhāgavatam, 3.22.12)

KSRI News Update

KSRI is an enabler of research for Indian and foreign scholars in their Doctorate pursuits.


KSRI will be grateful for contributions and sponsorships for its corpus and for its many projects. Any donation will go a long way in preserving Sanskrit and Indological Studies.

100% income tax-excempt in India under 25 (i)(iii) of IT Act 1961
Individuals can claim under sec.80 GGA
CSR contributions welcome
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ईश्वराणां वचः सत्यं तथैवाचरितं क्वचित्।
तेषां यत्स्ववचोयुक्तं बुद्धिमांस्तत्समाचरेत्॥
The statements of the Lord's empowered disciples are always true, and the acts they perform are exemplary when it is consistent with those statements. Therefore one who is intelligent should carry out their instructions. (Śrīmad Bhāgavatam, 10.33.32)




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